Individual Workout

Helping young athletes to get better at what they do is one of our goals. Orion Sports offers individual sessions with professional coaches and trainers anytime, anyplace upon request.

Contact Us to setup individual or group practice with chosen coach below.

Tomas Stankevicius
Education Bachelor Degree in Basketball Coaching from LSU
Occupation Individual skills trainer for Nevezis BC, Kedainiai (LKL)
Years active: 8 years experience 
Availability  In Lithuania
Comments Tomas has been known for the up-tempo basketball workouts at Camp Orion since 2012. Works both for grown-ups and youngsters. 
Focuses onto player’s technical game, agility.  
Tomas himself has played professionally for 3 years. 

Robertinas Vilimas
Education Bachelor Degree in Physio Training from LSU
Occupation Physio Trainer for BC Lietkabelis, Panevezys (LKL)
Years active: 4 years experience 
Availability In Lithuania
Comments Robertinas is one most talented physio trainers in the country. Despite his young age, Robertinas already has international experience by working with U16 National Team of Lithuania in Eurobasket 2015.

Antonio Cook
Education Master Degree in Special Education from TSU
Occupation Assistant AD, strength training and conditioning coordinator, Head girls Basketball Coach, and Assistant Head boys basketball Coach
Years active 9 years experience 
Availability Alabama
Comments Former D1 player himself, Antonio enters his 9th year of coaching. During the time, he has worked with players like Kenny Hall, Frankie Sullivan, Quinton McDuffie, many more D1 college basketball players.
Antonio’s motto: “Whatever you do great or small, do it well or not at all”

Aurimas Matulevicius
Education Bachelor degree in Physical Education from KU
Occupation Head Coach of Lituanica Athletic Club
Years active Over 15 years
Comments Before joining Lituanica, Aurimas coached professionally in Europe for two years, as well as played professionally for six. He currently coaches both youngsters and men.