Orion Sports helps amateur student athletes acquire sports scholarships in one of the many academic institutions (High Schools, Prep Schools, Junior Colleges, Universities) in United States.


    • We promote your academic and sports qualities to coaches in the USA in order to achieve the largest share of scholarship (up to the maximum cover of 100%, the so called full scholarship). Full scholarship covers all expenses of schooling and sporting and refers to the tuition, accommodation, food, training equipment and insurance (universities usually cover insurance while high schools do not).


    • We advise on preparing your video material that will be of interest to coaches.

    • We advise on registering for NCAA Clearinghouse as well as about the adequate way to get through all the delicate procedures necessary for enrolling at NCAA University.

    • We advise on the manner of communication with the coaches during the process of recruitment.

    • We advise on filling out the application forms and acquire paperwork necessary for the application process to schools and universities.

    • We advise on the important factors Clients need to pay attention to while choosing the schools ( in case you have more than one offer) and recommend the school which we consider to be the best choice (the recommendation is not obligatory and the final decision is Yours).

    • We advise on ways to solve all possible problems and dilemmas during every stage of the process and handle the preparation, promotion and selection of adequate schools throughout the whole process.

    • We advise on applying for an interview at the American embassy and acquisition of all necessary documentation for applying for a visa.


    • We fill out the applications for schools with you or on your behalf

    • We do the entire correspondence with the school administration on your behalf and lead you through the application process step by step

    • We schedule the interview at the embassy on your behalf